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Best Keep Secret by Admin of ...
Quote:I decided to give away one of my best kept secrets.

I haven't had time to use it as much so I thought I would give it here as a Christmas gift to all of you who have donated to the forum.

So far by using this I have yet to make less than 200% return. Im not going to go into all the types of offers and methods I have used because of course I still want to use this down the road. I beg you to just let this stay on the forum here in this section because this is truly a gold mine and I would love to see you guys make some money off of this.

I have done all types of different things with them over the past few months or so. There rules change from time to time but honestly. You could pick about the dumbest offer and add it to a campaign there and you will come out ahead.

This ppc niche is untapped and ready to be seriously SPANKED. If you dont make money with ppc here then you need to give up IM all together.

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Now go let your mind do wonders.

Hint: find out what major sporting events are going on and use those sections.

this one is helpful too:
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whats dis script all about??

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