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Bank few hundreds in 2 minutes with Facebook
Quote:This is an easy easy tutorial ! Do not share it outside of MMD VIP please !

I'm not a Facebook pro at all. I just made some tests few days ago on Facebook and now I'm making $100 per day with Facebook with only 2 minutes of work per day:thefinger:Nice passive income

What you need ?

A facebook account with at least 500 friends.
A cpa account :
You can register here
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or here
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Those Cpa Networks are working best for me.

You also need a "Like" Jacking script for facebook !
You can download it here with my instructions :
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Now what you need to do ?

You need to set up 2 pages. One with a nice catchy Title, a picture,the like clickjacking script and a link to your other page. On your other page you need your embed video (youtube or other) and your content gateway.

Now you just need to share your first page with your facebook friends.

You are done. Your page will be viral in a matter of minutes Wink

Stay under the radar. Only one page per day. Do not forget to delete your page at the end of the day and built one new page with another title !

Repeat every day. 2 minutes of works and few hundreds everyday Wink

Good Luck guys


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