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{{{BEST ADVICE EVER}}} Beginners/Newbies! You NEED To Read This Seriously!!!.
Hello GBH,

Over the past 5 years, I've shared/released a few free WSOs and compiled
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exclusively for VIP members here. [Image: heart.gif][Image: love.gif]

As a result, I do receive thousands of emails, PMs on a daily basis, etc. from newbies/beginner/gurus, etc. asking for advice or help. [Image: wink.gif]

What truly surprised me was that most of what they asked could be distilled down to 5 points... repeated over and over by different people in different words.[Image: sleepy.gif]

They always ask, "Am I doing something wrong?"...
My answer as always is,"Are you doing what's right?"

If you're a newbie, you absolutely need to understand the points below.

1. Stop drinking the kool-aid

Many product sellers make money selling products and don't actually use the methods they talk about.

Their sales stats mean nothing. The video testimonials are often from friends who mutually backslap each other. These mean nothing either.

They can't give a rat's roasted rectum if you make money or not. That's the truth.

2. Don't buy every WSO you see.

Many people have made their hard drives a burial ground for WSOs and other infoproducts.
Stop buying and start selling.

3. Focus, focus and focus

This is crucial. Focus on only 1 niche in IM. It could be video marketing, product creation, Facebook ads, etc.
Whatever it is, choose one and go deep.

If you choose video marketing, then it's fine to buy or look and download 10 or 20 WSOs on video marketing. Most products will be crap but you might glean a useful tip or two.

This may look like it contradicts point 2... but it doesn't. You're only buying products in one IM niche.

By studying the same topic over and over... your grasp of the theory will be strong.

Take copious notes and streamline them until you have a blueprint that's detailed enough for Tom Cruise to use in the next Mission Impossible.

If one day you're reading about YouTube and the next day it's about Facebook and the next about CPA... you're not going to get anywhere.

4. Choose your niche wisely

If you're so broke that you can't even pay attention,...
forget methods such as PPC, Amazon FBA, Facebook ads, etc. for now. These require capital.

By forgoing these niches, you will not need to buy products about these niches. That's good news.

Focus on what you can do with your limited means. Don't worry about slapping or firing your boss. You can always come back and put him in a triangle choke later once you're actually making money online.

5. You must DO DO DO!

You can't learn carpentry by sitting on a chair. You have to pick up the hammer and start nailing stuff. (Don't think dirty.)

You must take action on your blueprint. Expect to fail... but don't give up. Make tweaks, adjustments, improvements, etc. to overcome the negative results.

That's the only way to progress. Success is not linear... It's more messy than Bernie Sanders' hair. Don't toss the method just because it's taking you more than 15 minutes a week to do. Success is inevitable if you stay the course.

That's really all you need to do. It's not pretty or exciting... but the truth seldom is.[Image: blush.gif]


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