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[GBH VIP] This Alert Brought Me In Over $5,900
Quote:I hope you are having an awesome day.

I love sharing new thoughts that I'm having.

This thought is one that I've actually touched on before.

Let's jump in...

The only way to keep current in the future is to be creative, creative marketing. It doesn't have to be a "BIG GENIUS" idea but something to get you to pop out of the normal way of thinking.

Here's something really simple, I've tried it and it works but this is just a footprint in the direction that I'm headed, the way marketing is headed period.

This world is becoming more social, every single day.

We all know that the implementation of email marketing is where the money is.

This is a no brainer so let me take the complexities out and simplify it.

We all want our emails read by our subscribers, so I did a test. For those who know me you'll know that I do lots of private seminars so that's where I build some of my list, usually if I have 5 seminars what I'll do is use the list gathered from 3 of them to just run tests on and not worry too much about monetizing unless things go as planned.

Here's what I did.

I tested this on about 1,100 leads and over the next 9 days approx. 730 of these leads opted in to get what I promised them. This was expected as I charged $90.00 to come to my seminar. When they opted in they were prompted to join my private Google+ community. In which they request membership and I have to approve it.

What I found is that, the real beauty of having this community in which you can make really valuable posts in, is that whenever you make a post, a red blinking bell icon appears at the top of the page. It will also appears anywhere that you're using any Google service. So it's like these notifications are following this person as a reminder.

You'll have to cloak your link with a shortener or something like a pretty link because you'll want to track the amount of clicks you are getting (I also suggest you to link to your actual website when doing anything). You can even do something like solo ads for this type of highly engaged community. Make the proper community first and the proper connections with them and when you send them an email or... Post, I'd suggest that before you have them click the link you explain in detail how what they are clicking can aid them, or even better link to a page on your site and give an example of how it works and how it can be of benefit to them instead of just running a posted ad in your community which can diminish the value of what you have built.

Also, do not allow them to post their content unless it's pure content with no links. None. If they want to promote or give something away then they need to contact you first and you'll do the posting if you feel it qualifies.

This leads to a very, very small amount of competition and no fighting for attention when it comes to email marketing. This was only a test though and I kept the community open for 5 months and then closed it (don't have time to manage a community for a long duration)

For the record, yes this invite only community has been profitable, over the 6 months I made over $5,900. It's about giving them relevant content and selling when you know you've created a buying mood by previously giving outstanding value and prepared their minds for what's to come, instead of just sticking a promotional link in there and not having an end goal in mind. Test, test, test and measure the effectiveness of everything you do because without numbers and stats (even if it's a small amount) you'll never know what's effective.

Engagement + (real) Value = Success

I hope this short spurt of information has been somewhat helpful.

Warm Regards,

"Don't Just Follow Your Dreams - Stalk Them"

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