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[GBH VIP Quick Method] How I made $17 in 10 minutes [UNRELEASED on PUBLIC]
Quote:Hey there fellow GBH VIP members,
Just thought I'd share this quick method I used a few days ago that got me a sale of $22 yesterday. Bear in mind, I only spent $5 in order to make it.


Create a banner ad: I created a banner ad for free using a random software I found when searching Google. It was pretty simple and not really detailed. It had a quick call to action. I made the advertisement stand out and made sure it looks decent.

Clickbank product: I searched the Clickbank marketplace and found a decent product. The niche was internet marketing and it was just a video guide on how to make your first $100 online.

Finding the location: I searched different internet marketing forums and found some decent ones which were easy to get spotted. I uploaded the banner and opted in for the CPM model for the payment. I reached $5 and got 3000 impressions and 47 clicks. The clicks weren't good but the conversion rate was awesome. I received the first sale 15 minutes after putting up the ad. So that equates to $17 in total profit. Not bad for 10 minutes of work.

This can be pretty good in terms of making repeat sales. You just have to rinse and repeat the methods while tweaking it a little to adjust the conversion rates.

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