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[GBH VIP Method] How to BANK $2000+ a month NEWBIE FRIENDLY
Quote:Completely FOOL PROOF strategy to hit big online

This method has allowed me to create a passive income stream by doing only 10 minutes of work once set up. It involves creating a website and combining it with the likes of Fiverr. Let's get straight to it.


First of all, create your own website offering a service i.e. Facebook likes, YouTube views, SEO services, Back links etc. (Something along those lines)
Then once you do, outsource the work to Fiverr from a single seller. Make sure they are reputable and are ready to work with you long term.

If you optimise your site, you should be ranked high on Google for your service. This means that you can see some sales coming in at. Put up a decent price tag of maybe $12 for the services. The main aim is not to make income from this but by doing something else. So while you pay $5 for a service and you sell it for $12, that's a profit of $7. Do this over and over.

Now, you have to go on Flippa and sell the site. Sell it for less than $1000.
Once you make a sale, give a link to the buyer of the site to the outsource page.

Here's the best bit

Now, instead of giving the URL to the Fiverr gig, you will give an URL to your second website.
You will need to create another site and offer the same services. Now the buyer of the website will assume you're the guy who offers the services for cheap. This allows you to sell the same services while you go to Fiverr and get them to do the work.

If you make 10 sites doing this, you can see huge profits being made instantly.

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