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[GBH VIP] [January016 Money Method] Quick Money For Other Investments
This is a method from my friendmaecenas23
Quote:Hi guys,

I know many people from the GBH Vip are experienced users but this method was exactly what I needed when I had cashflow issues and a lot of people to pay ( VA, content writers,etc)

What I did:

1. Started 2 accounts at Adnooka and Adworkmedia ( you can choose a PPD company, doesn't really matter)
2. Bought Content Lock Pro ( really useful for not having issues with the network)
3. Started a small WP website with a nice gaming look theme
4. Made a 3-4 hours research on the most popular games ( I learned many new things Big Grin ) but finally decided to go for hot new comers.
5. I made 2 things:

a) Went to gamespot to see what new games will appear in the next weeks
b) Checked them with Google Trends ( people know a game will appear in July but they can't resist to find a short demo even in May Big Grin)

6. I made a very-very basic serial Keygen in Visual basic ( it's easier than you think, I learned it in 2h or something) and created a movie with Camtasia ( again really-really easy)
7. Made 3 new YT Accouns from different IPs
8. Posted the Video on the 3 different accounts with small changes made in Camtasia, just to look a lil bit different
9. I used the Addmefast Bot from RushingWind to generate points to use for Views, Likes and Stuff. Bought some high-retention. And added them gradually for 3-4 days.
10. A friend of mine blasted the shit out of the videos with GSA ( can't remember numbers or details)

In 7-8 days my videos were 1,2 and 5 on youtube for that game crack,keygen and similar stuff
When the game appeared, one of my videos was #3 on Google.

TIP: If you did PPD before, you know the french offers are paid quite good. The game I decided on was going to be loved by French people and I knew it.

TIP2: This resource can be a good point to start your research:
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For around 3 months I had like 1-2 offers/day from french people and many others small 2-3$ downloads from US/Uk and so on. I banked around 5k from what I remember and I called it a day.

I stopped doing it because everything was back on track in terms of cashflow and also because I didn't felt like PPD is for me. Not to speak about the time I was spending.

What I told you happend 6-7 months ago so probably the method it's still working. It asks some work when researching the niche, but hey...having 5k earnings with $1-200 investment is not bad Smile

IMPORTANT: Please keep this method under GBH VIP only. Don't take the method and start any non-sense journey in free area.

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