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[GBH VIP] How to Bankrupt Squidoo in Just 1 Month for $1750
DISCLAIMER: This post is just for shits n giggles, if you take it for anything else, you got way too much time (and money) on your hands + you're insane.

So here's a new thing on Squidoo if you didn't know:

"Suspicious inbound links" warning:
<tag>Magic Button : </tag>
Just got this on a single lense and while I got out of the squidoo sinking ship on time, this is still pissing me off. The fact they can be so arrogant to think that this is a smart thing to do is just beyond me. And I just happened to have a bit of extra time on my hands to compile this...

So without further delay I present to you...

How to Bankrupt Squidoo in Just 1 Month for $1750
  • Judging by the lense that got this warning and others that didn't, I'm pretty sure that you'd need < 500-600 of links to produce such a warning.
  • While I don't know about any other tools (xrumer coming to my mind), I know for a fact that you can quite easily get constant 500+ LPM with GSA if you use a projects that does nothing other than posting to AA blog lists you feed directly in to it. I managed to get 500 LPM for couple of hours (until it went through the list) with 2 projects and 300 threads on a VPS without putting much effort in it. So let's say that you could get 500 verified / min if you tweak it like there's no tomorrow. This kind of setup would cost you around $250.
  • 1. and 2. mean that you can take down 1 lense / min, 60 lenses / hour, 1440 lenses / day with a constantly checked AA blog list.
  • A new lense with 1 visitor in it's first week has a squidoo rank of 200k. Some that haven't had a visitor in months have just under 300k. We can conclude that there's no more than 300k lenses that produce income for Squidoo
  • If we do the math, we see that we can take down ALL those lenses with just 1 GSA setup within 7 months. So with 7 servers and GSA SER setups ($1750), the task is done in just 1 month.
  • Rofl [Image: biggrin.gif]


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