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[GBH VIP] How I made $100 in Four Days in Mobile Reward App
Hi Everyone,

This is my first time to share with GBH members how I earn my first $100 in reward app called Mobi. Mobi is similar to Appbounty and
FreeMyApps. When you download the sponsor apps, you will gain the credit. After you have had enough credits, you can redeem the credits to exchange the gift cards. There are 3 reasons to use Mobi instead of other. 1) If you don't want the gift card, it will send Paypal to me directly. 2) Its referral program has 3 levels. Other only has 1 level. 3) It has more international apps but other mainly target to U.S.

I joined Mobi in Jun 30 and reached more than 97800 credits in 4 days. Then I sent the request to redeem $100. Even though it completed in Jul 5, I receive payment until Jul 24.

[Image: JtXrDDx.jpg]

In order to get fast earning in this kind of program, you need to depend on referral program. Otherwise, it is hard to gain credit if only download the sponsor apps.

There are 3 ways that I promote my referral code.

1. Email to all my friends. Ask them to join and to enter my referral code. But it is not enough. When Mobi has a new sponsor app daily, I will email my friends and ask them to download the apps.

2. Go to Google and search "appbounty" blog and post the comment including my referral code.

3. Go to Youtube and find the popular mobile games (like clash of clans, castle clash, etc). Introduce that they can get free Google play/iTune gift card.

Although it looks simple, I spend more time to do this. And now, the number of credits keeps increasing gradually. It proves that my method works.

If there is any method which can save my time, please share to me. Or any questions and comments are welcome.

[Image: JBl7sj6.jpg]

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