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What's up, guys?

Just like I promised, here's a gameplan to start your business in 2015.

If you need help with the implementation you can drop me a line on
my Skype and I'll write you right back.

If you want to enter the MMO or IM market you need to have a squeeze page.

I know you've heard about it before, along with phrases along the lines of
"money is in the subscribers list", but I'll show you another approach and dig a
bit deeper than most gurus do.

Are you ready to start your journey to achieve success?

Let's get started.

Step 1: Build a squeeze page
Nowadays, it's too easy to do this; even with a couple of clicks and 5 minutes
of your time, you can have a squeeze page.

Technology is no longer an excuse, because you can build your own squeeze page
in under 10 minutes with the tools I'm about to show you.

LeadPages™ software - mobi
le responsive landing page

That's the website I use, it's been perfect for creating squeeze pages.

Step 2. Create a funnel

A sales funnel is what happens after people enter their email address
in the landing page. What exactly do you do when they enter their email address?

Well, they need to go through a funnel.

step 3: Have an automatic responder.

With an autoresponder, you'll be able to build your lead database with people
that are actually interested in the MMO or IM niche.

To do this, there are services like Aweber and getresponse

These are the top products in the current market; your messages will
enter your leads' inbox and bypass their spam filter.

Setp 4: Get Traffic!

You can get traffic for free, even though it takes time.
To do this, you'll need a blog.
In your blog, you'll be writing interesting articles about your niche,
and promote those articles in multiple websites.

You can dedicate 2 hours a day to do this, if you have the time.

If you're really interested in getting traffic for free, I strongly recommend
you train with my friend Kim Roach.

You can also pay for traffic, which is my personal preference.

I use GetBlackhat to get interesting prospects, in addition
to solo ads and Facebook ads.
Those are my top 3 sources of paid traffic, and I do well.

To use GetBlackhat, you need to create a FREE BSO
and get people excited about what you're selling.

This way, when you launch your payment BSO,
it will make sense to your market niche.

If you prefer to go with solo ads, you need to be very careful who you buy from,
because some people will definitely scam you and send no clicks
after making your purchase. Make sure you let me know if you want
to go down this road.

If you want to get traffic through Facebook ads, then create an
IM fanpage and make quality posts there.
Then, advertise your posts and you'll direct traffic to your blog and create an audience.

You'll probably need to invest around $20 per post,
but you'll get tons of people to read your blog and read your posts for next to nothing,
considering people will "like" your fanpage and direct even more traffic your way.

Step 5: Set yourself apart from your competition

One of the biggest problems in the business is getting your subscribers
and followers to be not responsive.

They have signed up to thousands of lists, maybe even your competitors'.

Why should they trust you?

That's why it's important to be unique.

Start with building trust with your subscribers so they'll see
what's your value and what you have that others don't.

There are 2 easy ways to achieve this:

You can invite them to a weekly teleseminar, in which they can ask a
bunch of questions and you'll get to know what kinds of problems they have
and figure out a way to help them solve their issues.

You can also do what I do: add them to your personal Skype
(mine is affilianator) and have '1 on 1' free sessions with them.

A 10 minute conversation where you solve some little problem
with their business builds a relationship based on trust.

By generating trust, your emails will generate more responses,
and your subscribers will begin to purchase your products if they fit their needs.

Using Skype, you can recommend a product that really helps them
solve a problem with your affiliate link.

This way, you'll be on your way to earning your first $1K online.
And then some more.

I'm not saying you should become a direct response marketer,
or make phone calls if you're still afraid of selling stuff.

I'm saying you train yourself and start talking to people, listening to their problems
and helping them however you can.

That, my friend, is one of trust's building blocks.
"But how will I help 10,000 subscribers?" That's a very valid question.

You can add a thousand people to your Skype address,
and hold conferences for the rest of them.

If you do it well, an hour-long conference will get you through the basics
of your business.

You can hold 2 conferences a week: one for helping and another one to
promote and sell a product a week. That'll get you some money.

This gameplan I'm sharing for free should be at least $97,
but I want you to take advantage of it and fill me in on how you do
when you stick to the plan.

P.S.: If you're afraid of talking to people, just like 40% of people are,
you should read Dale Carnegie's book:
"How to Win Friends and Influence People."

By applying those concepts, you'll see that personal relationships
are the most efficient way of making business in this world.

Please MIRROR!!!
Don't FORGET to [Image: heart.gif] ADD REPUTATION [Image: heart.gif]
if you found it useful!!! [Image: cool.gif]
I will not get tired sharing!
Just don't forget to ADD REP+!
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