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[GBH VIP] Chimica 's Kindle Plots For You
Quote:I just emailed this to my list... Thought I'd share them with you all. Smile Hope you enjoy them.

First the advice:

When writing any story, as you write think about the cover for your story. This applies to novels and to longer stories as well. The focus should be the story but writing down notes of the cover is a good idea and allows you to focus on the story instead of having those cover ideas saved.

Okay.. now onto the plots! This week I'm doing Christmas focused plots because it's like the last month before fall ( a month away from my Birthday too! )

Some adult Christmas Novel Plots:
1. A women gets caught in a crazy snow storm that does one of two things : Send her to the future in the heart of Christmas OR Lands her in the home of the single mayor of a small town states from where she was.

2. A man who has always been work focused is forced to take a Christmas holiday by his business partner. At first he hates it. That is until the very first day of his holiday he bumps into his high school sweetheart. Will their Christmas change for the better and last for many years.

Some Children Christmas Plots

3. It's winter and the farm animals hate it! How can they bring those warm thoughts into a freezing cold barn covered in snow.

4. It's Jessie's first Christmas in her new home. She fears the snow and the cold and worries that Santa can not find her. Write her story.

A new thing I'm also going to do for those of you who might not be ready for plots is give you some free writing ideas. ( I'll be writing a book on free writing soon. )

For these ideas, just grab a notebook and write about the subject for 30 minutes nonstop. It's a great way to spark creativity and have a good time as well. Smile

5. Write a story with the words : Milk, Honey, Eggnog

6. Write a story with a squirrel who can't find their winter nuts.

7. Write about a pair of Christmas themed high heels.

Aw so 7 story ideas! I hope you enjoy them. Have an amazing day and a happy weekend. If you have any questions for me, need advice or just want to comment, do reply. I am always here to help if I can. Smile

To your Kindle success,

Feedbacks or reps are much appreciated!!! [Image: wink.gif]

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