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[GBH VIP Case Study] Sudo's Churn and Burn For Lead Generation016
Quote:This is the original post (To stop content theft):
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For the past 6 months I've been ranking sites in a profitable but less well known UK Finance vertical.

Nope, not Payday Loans Lmao - I'll leave that to the absolute churn and burn professionals like DoubleUp et al!

The Results

For this website I was only interested in one keyword. Sure, I popped up on the grid for other terms but the money shot for me was getting top 5 on my main term:

Results (On google.co.uk)

Day 1 (Page 44)
Day 2 (Page 57)
Day 3 (Page 24)
Day 4 (Page 13)
Day 5 (Page 4)
Day 6 (Page 3)
Day 7 (Page 2)
Day 8 (No 9)
Day 10 (No 9)
Day 11 (No 7)
Day 12 (No 6)
Day 13 (No 4) <- Target reached in less than 2 weeks!

Current Rankings

The site (Or one of it's variants) is currently no 8 in the serps and churning along nicely.

How I Did It

There are 3 components to making this type of site work IMHO:
You have to own an aged domain to buffer the link juice, preferably PR3 or something like that.
You have to have a method of building a million links in a week (GSA is my prefered option for this)
You have to have a method of buying new domains and getting the redirects completed quickly.

Tools Needed

GSA Search Engine Ranker
A Good Hosting Provider

If you're new to GSA please head over to
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for a superb tutorial on gsa and building out links.

The Niche

The main thing about churn and burn is that results can last for anything from a week to a month or two depending on the niche.

As you can probably guess, the crappier the niche the easier it is to get a churner to stick around.

In the UK I've found quite a few niches that are good earners:

Logbook Loans (Like a payday loan but you place your car as collateral)
The Green Deal (A way to get stuff like ECO Boilers and Solar Panels)
PPI Leads
Personal Injury Leads

The main thing with any niche is finding a handful of reputable lead gen companies to work with. Many are dodgy as hellso it's worth doing a little bit of legwork to ensure you're getting a good / safe deal.

How To Rank

I'm going to use a now defunct example of a lead gen project I did a while back.

Solar Panel Feed in Tariff (FIT Tariff) Leads. I was selling these leads for £35 a pop for a couple of months and made a fair chunk of money.

Money Keyword: "Solar Panels" - Roughtly 50,000 searches a month on google.co.uk (Feel free to correct me my memory sucks)


The first thing is the prep our old PR 3 domain. The one thing we don't want is Google indexing this domain at all.

Put this domain within it's own hosting account.
Add a robots.txt file.
Disallow everything.
Wait till the domain is completely deranked on Google.

Let's call this Domain B.


The next step is to purchase a brand new domain, or use an old one you have lying about.

Put this domain within it's own hosting account too.
Add a .htaccess file.
301 Redirect to domain B

Let's call this Domain C.


Now we need to buy a new domain, one branded to the product you're selling:

In my case let's choose: feedintariff4u.co.uk

Build out a static website and leave space for a lead generation html form.

Let's call this Domain A.


The nest step is to use a copy of GSA to build a HUGE amount of links to Domain C

As an absolute minimum I build 250,000 GSA links to Domain C - the more links you build the more you're likely to success IMHO!
Vary the anchor texts, no more than 10% exactly anchor text.
Use a service link Lindexed or Linkilicious to index everything up.
Try to keep away from Chinese sites to avoid wierd Chinese characters in your link profile.

For a keyword like "Solar Panels" I would use something like 750,000 links to crack the top 5 and give me a good shot at a no 1 position.


When you're happy with the number of links you have:

Redirect Domain B to Domain A
Keep building GSA links to ensure success

The Result

Using this method your Domain A should begin to rank within a few days.

It's almost like redirecting a website that already ranked [Reported by Members as SPAM THREAD] to a new domain. After a few days you'll feel the power being transfered over.
How Long Will It Last For?

Eventually, Domain A will get v&nned by Google. The great thing about this method though is the security of the link juice.

Your Domain B won't be v&nned.
Your Domain C still has a tonne of power.

Essentially, to get your top 10 position back all you need to do is:

Kill Domain A and get it no indexed.
Buy a brand new Domain A
Redirect Domain B to your new Domain A once you have it ready to go.

Being Organised Is The Absolute Key Here!

To really kill with this method you have to be organised.

Have new Domain A type sites ready and waiting to flip over.
Never leave your Domain B or C available for Google to index.

The one major piece of information to realise when using this method is this:

"Google cannot ban a domain if it's not indexed. If it's not indexed it's essentially invisible to Google"

It's this that makes my method work so well. Aslong as you keep your Domain B and C tucked away from the Google Bots

I Hope You Found This Useful

I hope you can use this method to make bank like I have and please visit my blog for more stuff like this!

I don't bite!

Good Luck Everyone!


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