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[GBH VIP Case Study] |}}}[Over $12,000 In Earnings through Live Video Streams]{{{|
Quote:What's going on GBH VIP Members. After reading tons of different tutorials here and gaining incredible amounts of information I decided to share a method that I have used to make earnings of over $200 everyday for over three month's. I decided that I'd share the method here as a way to giveback.

DISCLAIMER: You will need some kind of investment or product to get this method going. This method also requires a level of communication.

Alright so let's begin.

1. Live video streams, what are they?

There are several platforms that allow the live streaming of video. Some of these platforms have more live viewers than most television channels. Since a few years ago, these platforms have been at a constant increase in viewers.

These platforms allow for anyone to stream what they choose to, as long as it meets their rules and regulations. Over the years, the more consistent and quality streamers have gained massive followings and thanks to their live stream advertisements earn hundreds of dollars daily(If not thousands).

2. My Method

I myself was a consistent viewer of some of these streams, particularly in the gaming niche. The platform which hosted all these streams was, and still is:
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As a marketer by nature, regardless of what I'm doing I always wonder how things can be exploited(In a legal way) to make some kind of earnings. So while watching these streams I was constantly brainstorming how these streamers make a living.

After not so long, I realized that the majority of their income comes from their sponsors and advertisements, pretty much the same concept as any other video platform such as youtube. Unlike youtube though these videos are live, the viewers constantly engaged with the streamer communicating through the chat.

So I thought to myself, why not develop a product in the gaming niche and attempt to promote it through these twitch streamers. I realized that I would not be able to go through the twitch.tv network, as the companies advertising there are big names and would be impossible to compete with. I concluded that by contacting the streamers privately I could probably work out a deal. Sort of how you can contact a webmaster to post your banner advertisement on his website, in attempt to replace the adsense advertisement.

So I got together with my one of my better friends who's pretty big into the gaming scene. He competes in video game tournaments at a high level, and is also very articulate. I asked him to write me a 30 page guide to improving at a particular game(this game was extremely popular at the time), and asked whether he'd be willing to coach people. I offered him 50% of the coaching revenue, and 25% of the e-book guide revenue. Considering that he had no idea about marketing what so ever and was desperate for money, he took the deal.

We developed the readable guide, the advertisement, and the design over a month period during which we were contacting streamers privately. The first big mistake I made was focusing on the big streams. The streamers who already have experience in advertising know the prices. They realize how much their stream is worth. So when asking for a quote, I would always get a price back I could not afford. Here is when things changed. I decided to start contacting the smaller streamers, 100-500 consistent viewers. These guys are great because their viewers see them as underdogs, and are extremely dedicated to supporting their live streams. Therefore any advertisement shown on their stream has a high chance of converting into a sale.

I contacted 20-30 channels by e-mail with my deal. I offered them money, for a 15 second advertisement presented by them. This way, the streamer is pretty much vouching for my product. After a couple of days, about half the streamers got back to me, 5 willing to take up the deal.

I contacted them through skype and presented them with the product. Four of them loved the product and said they would support it for the amount of money I offered, the fifth deciding to drop the deal. I was pretty happy with the outcome. Keep in mind I was paying these guys minuscule amounts of money. The kind of advertising they were providing me with was worth at least ten times as much as I was paying, these guys had no idea.

All four of these streamers, live streamed over four hours everyday. The deal we worked out was to advertise my product once every hour. This meaning that my product was being exposed to an audience of 100-500 people atleast four times a day, on four different live streams.

During the very first day of this advertising campaign I made over 30 sales, and had 5 hours of coaching lined up. I was extremely excited to give this information to my partner/friend. We continued making earnings with this method for the next few month's. During this time we developed a website and a youtube channel, ranking on the first page for most keywords related to the niche we were in. The traffic we get from google and youtube now exceeds the traffic we get from these streamers, hence why I'm sharing this here. Keep in mind that the product we developed was truly excellent, and the coaching service got very positive feedback.

I challenge anyone reading this, who isn't already making a living online to add a twist to my method and begin earning. Work hard and it will pay off.

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great post tnku
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thanks lool..........................................
how to download this file

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Thanks for this share!

Thanks for this share!

Thanks for this share!

Thanks for this share!

Thanks for this share!

Thanks for this share!

Thanks for this share!

Thanks for this share!
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