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GBH Skype Sports Betting Group - Lets Convert $25 to $1000 Together!!! NO BS!
Hello Everyone!

Its been less than a month now that i have started betting on sports!

And its been profitable mostly. Have seen some ups and downs in this industry, still learning Smile

I have been betting on some inplay challenges. And with the help of my mentor i have converted $25 to $1000 a few time few days back Wink [Image: happy.gif]

Here is the screenshot from my paypal account!

[Image: 4y3UcJ9.jpg?1]

So, i genuinely think that the potential is there in this industry!

That's why i have decided to make a skype group, where we can do some inplay challenges and earn some good money together Wink

What say? Interested?

Here is my skype: the.bringer (if you cant find me, write your skype here, i will add you)

Add me up, and i will add you to the group, lets make some money together Wink

And remember guys its completely FREEEEE.

Lets convert $25 - $1000 together Big Grin

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