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[GBH Money Exclusive Method] RajaKamil's The Instant Cash Method
The Instant Cash Method
Hi; I just wanna share my instant cash method. Before that, I just wanna share, that, with practices you can be perfect doing this even your eyes closed. First, let me tell you, your own product is an asset ! Yes, I mean it. Just write your ebook, reports, recording videos and podcasting. It will benefit you in long term. Like myself, every 2 months, I will publish at least a small report, to be sell or given away to my list. At the end of this year, I have at least 6 products of my own. Which is my assets if you ask me. So, how this instant cash work? It's called YES ! Year End Sales

Here the step by step ....
<tag>Magic Button : </tag>What is backdoor? It mean, you still selling the package, even the time has over.
Learn from my mistake.
Lst year, I launched my first ever YES package.
I run the offer for 3 days.
At that moment, I was afraid nobody will buy, if I had the offer for only 24 hour (later on, I realize, 24
hour time limit, work the best).
So, back to what had happen to me. After I edited the minisite, removing buy now button, I got few emails. They say, they wanted to buy the offer, but, being late of ... well lot of reasons. .
So, I saw this as opportunity, and I tell them, they can still buy.
Later, I learn that, the guys/gals that buying from "the backdoor", they NEVER buy anything since then from me.
I'm sure, my product had a good standard and stand out quality.
But I start to think, that, this guys/gals never trust me anymore. They won't listen !
NEVER ! None of them had buy anything, even my best products till today.
Ok, so, that's it about the Instant Cash Method that you can start today, or anytime, just make sure, it
run before 31st December, or else, there are no Year End Sales package. Recap !
[hide]Step 1 - gather all of your products
Step 2 - set up minisite
Step 3 - pricing the package at 10% to 30%
Step 4 - Sarcastic element. Limit time frame, 24 hours work the best
Step 5 - Write pitch email
Step 6 - Write the sales email
Step 7 - Wait the money to come in
The drawback of this technique :-
1. you need mailing list. (Solution : Solo Ad, JV)
2. your customer will get hurt, because they were paying full price (Solution : offer them, your latest product or any product - MRR - at discount or free) that's it. All the best !

Feedback guys! [Image: smile.gif]

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