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[GBH JOURNEY] Genius idea? My first BBJF journey! :)
Ok so I am pretty sweet at COD (Call of Duty) and every FPS so I thought I'd create a training course on how to get very good.

A chick whose a buddy of mine has a "clan" (lol) so I created a website which she'll and all the members shall have at the profile which is the site of the course.

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Here are my ideas:

I was thinking of a business model kind of like Cut-Co. and The Empower Network. (people purchase knives and they may promote when they purchase)

I'll have a plugin which is an affiliate platform which people may have coupons at xbox profile and if people purchase course with coupon, the affiliate gets $.

Thinking about trying to get lots of people who are like pro to have link of site and coupon in profile. IE: free vip for godly people in exchange for joining sexual and having link in profile.

I started this thread as a reference and a journey to motivate you all of what is possible if you use your imagination. [Image: smile.gif]

I hope you are having a great day!


Lord Krafty

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