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[GBH Exclusive VIP Money Method] Youtube Game Videos 2013
I posted this thread before but it seems this was been lost from the GBH server failure that happen last month.
Now let me update and post this once again to those who missed it.

If you are wondering if its possible to make money from youtube gamin videos, well yes it is, however.
There is much confusion about if you have to have commentary, how long it can last, blah blah.
Youtubes policy claims you need permission to do, and some people claim you need partnership. Thats another story.

I have listed below the companies that have no issue with you using their games for plays, reviews whatever. You can check their t&c's at the links, and if youtube gives you any grief, you have the exact legal gumf to get them off your back.

There are links to their titles to, so there is plenty to choose from if you want to also include mods, and maps that each of the popular games like half life or left for dead has.

I don't think any of these developers require commentary either, so if you just want to upload longplays, thats fine too. Finally something you can delegate to your children!

These are perfect for high views, if you upload enough, and good for backlinks to game sites that you might be running.

<tag>Magic Button : </tag>
Frictional Games
<tag>Magic Button : </tag>
Paradox Interactive
<tag>Magic Button : </tag>
Riot Games
<tag>Magic Button : </tag>
Robot Entertainment
<tag>Magic Button : </tag>
Tripwire interactive
<tag>Magic Button : </tag>
<tag>Magic Button : </tag>
Special credits to my friend panther28

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