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[GBH Exclusive VIP Money Method] Craigslist PVA Secret Method
Guys Don't Leak this method anywhere !

[hide]I am not sure this method is already listed here but this is how i make CL PVA without spending even a single dollar.

What all I need to make free CL PVA.?

1. Facebook account with huge US friends (the more number of friends = more quicker response )
2. Good private US proxy to make CL PVA
3. Pinger account.

Build a Hot chick Facebook account with lots of US teen friends.
Make an account in Pinger which provides fake US phone number where you can send and receive free text messages. Grab a good attractive number from pinger.
Log in to the Facebook account and put a status update like "Feeling bored text me at #YOUR PINGER NUMBER# "etc etc.
If you want a quicker response make your account more legit with lots of US friends (1k friends would give you good response at the right time)

You can get lots of messages coming to your Pinger account , Just talk to the guy saying you want to sell some iphone/laptop in craigslist for a party. " i don't know what's wrong with the website , they don't send verification , I have been trying for an hour , if you wish you can get me the code and forward me :* :* :* :* "

Sign up to the Cl , Do E-whoring and convince him to send the code: D .I'am sure he ll forward the verification code.
It just takes 10 mins to make a verified CL account if you talk sexy Big Grin

Not bad right? You can atleast make 10 accounts per day and you can sell them / make some cool ads / generate leads whatever..

Thanks and Regards ,
Credit goes to my friend fbfbfb

This is a brilliant method. Please keep this inside our VIP section. [Image: smile.gif]

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