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Autoblog are easy. Easy traffic ! Easy money !
Quote:I wrote a book with this method + One niche ! You can easily earn hundreds with this niche, you can download it here
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Download this book now to see what is this niche Wink

What is an autoblog ?

An Autoblog is a Blog making its own content updates, often powered by wordpress.

Why Autoblogs are great ?
You do not have to take care of it. You can set it up and let him rank for your keywords easily. It can make money everyday without any work on it. Set up your autoblog andand let it makes money for you.

If you don't know how to setup a wordpress blog follow this thread
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and do not forget to search for good keywords or your autoblog will not bring traffic. Choose a bad niche and your autoblog will be useless Confusedtupido:
so read that :
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What plugins can I use to make an autoblog ?

WP-Robot :

Quote:Powerful autoblogging plugin for Wordpress weblogs.

Automatically post Youtube Videos, Amazon Products, eBay auctions, Clickbank ads and much more to your blog without lifting a finger.


Quote:AutoBlogged automatically creates fresh targeted content for your blog by importing articles from RSS feeds or search keywords. You can use AutoBlogged to supplement your own content or build a fully automated blog for keyword targeting, affiliate marketing, aggregating content, or as an alternative to domain parking.

PHP MyVideoBlog :

Quote:PHP MyVideoBlog is a plugin for WordPress, a famous blog software. With this plugin is easy to create automated niche videoblogs. Your videoblog will be automatically updated everyday!! It’s perfect to create niche videoblogs. MMA, Iphone, Fashion, Sports, Comedy, Celebrities, Porn, and much more! Use your imagination!

There are others plugins, but those are my favorites.

Well my favorite is WP-Robot.

Usefull plugins :

Post to Ping :

Quote:Post to ping is a wordpress plugin that allows you to update your status on ping.fm which will update all your status for every social network or social bookmarking site you have affiliated with your ping.fm account.

You can download it at
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and it's free Wink

This plugin will get you shit load of traffic without any work to do. It will index all your posts and pages faster and make you rank without any work !


[b]iLikeViral :

Quote:Offer your visitors multiple social buttons to press to virally introduce your website to others. Choose between Facebook, Digg, Reddit and many others or show them ALL !
Gently pushing the ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ to your visitors will increase their response. Using this method your visitors will press the ‘Like’ or ‘Share’ button in the pop-up frame and which will in turn increase the visits to your site hundred or even thousandfold, virally.
Do I need something else ???

Yeah, you need full rss coresponding to your niche ! Do not take partial rss feed. We only want FULL RSS.

Where can i find full RSS ??

Not everyone do the same thing i guess so i will explain you what I do to find full rss. And how to transform a partial RSS to a full RSS.

Finding full RSS : So what I do is very simple. I just search for Blogger (blogspot) blog in the same niche as mine. All Blogger blog will give you full RSS. Just go to google and type :
yourkeyword site:blogspot.com
Google will give you a list of blogger blogs where you keyword appear. Now just go on in each blog and choose all blogspot rss you want.

Change a partial RSS to a full RSS : This method will not work everytime. It depend on each RSS.
If you find a good rss for your autoblog but unfortunately it's a partial RSS, you can use this website
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This website is able to convert your rss in a few seconds. Sometimes it work and sometimes not.

Now what ?

Now you just have to enter your rss in WP Robot for exemple and allow WP robot to post each hours.
Choose a simple theme for your wordpress autoblog. No need for thumbails and shits like that or your site can look fishy. Choose which monetization fit the best with your niche. Think about monetization before making your autoblog of course.:p
You can use adsense,cpa, clickbank,amazon etc etc


Here is a download link for ALL plugins listed :
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Just some stats of one autoblog :

[Image: statstp.jpg]

This is just one of many.
Nice post..... thanks

But links are dead...please re upload

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