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Affiliate Marketing Support
Hi there,

I happen to be a paid member of this forum. I have found a number of occasions where I derived exceptional levels of support in the form of courses, softwares and other tools that helped me with an edge over my fellow Internet marketers. There is serious gratitude in my heart for all that I have received from this forum. I do not intend to beat around the bush and will jump straight to the point that I want to make in this post.

I'm planning to start off an affiliate marketing business model with the minimum investment in mind. The model involves selling other peoples'physical products on my niche website. I intend to write informative and helpful content for the target audience along with the needful website architecture in order to rank on Google for the target keywords. The money I make, when a surfer clicks on my affiliate link on the site and buys the product, is my profit.

The niche I happen to select is the health and well-being niche.
My questions are:
1) can anyone recommend me or provide an access link(of course with the GBH cost) to a good forum which deals in the model of affiliate marketing I referred above. (This is priority)

2) Are there any good resource that deals with the particular business model under affiliate marketing. Could you please refer the link to those resources.

3) Which are the best affiliate networks that deals in product promotions related to the health and well-being niche.

All and every suggestion made by fellow members would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again.

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