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[AWESOME STUFF HERE] Never pay $12 for a domain again! Here's a little trick.
I found it in other forum, this is awesome, so I had to share it!

I found this trick last week on a SEO forum. There's a browser extension called "Honey" that can get you a domain name on Godaddy for $1.17. See it for yourself:
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Here's a little step-by-step how to:

1.- Go to
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to download and install the extension.
2.- Go to godaddy and pick your domain/domains and go to the checkout page like you normally would
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3.- If you installed the extension correctly, you should see that orange button at the buttom that says "find savings", click it and the magic will be done.
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4.- Wait until it test all the coupon codes and gives you the best one
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5.- Buy it

I'm not affiliated with the extension developers and I copied most of the instructions over from the SEOforum. Just want to make my first post here a helpful one. [Image: smile.gif]

Hope you like it Smile !

[Image: lol.gif][Image: lol.gif][Image: lol.gif]+5 REP Me if you like my share


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