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Recently there were been lot of reports that our forum was being leaked from other forum.Let me mention this, our scrapebox list was being shared from blackhatteam!Our backlink list of edu's was being sold in Wickedfire and Digital point.And now the recent found out was that on bhtdownload our supervip section was being leaked too!We leaked forum so we are not surprise that our forum will be leaked too!As thief hate fellow thieves, leechers hate fellow leachers too! Thats the F****** truth!.Now to STOP this leech being goin on!. and will be going on!.I will IMPLEMENT the NEW rules! I mean i will return back the same old rules that for LINKs to be UNLOCK! You need to POST on that thread!!!WHY are we doing this?1) To keep track who is the F****** leechers!!!F*** ONE .. F*** ALL!!! [Image: angry.gif]
I know this will be burden to some of you here but try to understand that i need to enforce this being super moderator here, i will NOT let this leechers totally leeched us!!!You F****** leechers i almost F****** KNOW you! Watch out! If your just here to leech then SHUT the F*** up! Your DAY is over! [Image: biggrin.gif]
PLEASE if thread goes long and you see dead links.Please use this section:
You must post to unlock this link
May God Bless us ALL!
BLAME the leechers not me! [Image: sleepy.gif]Sorry for the inconvenience! [Image: verysad.gif]
Please HELP us protect this forum! Thank you!SUPREME SECTION will be available soon!!! But SADLY not for leechers!!!

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