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AK's JOURNEY > $1000/MO With Niche Site 400k Searches/Mo w/o Backlinks and SEO
Update: Nov 22, 2015

Guys, as soon as i posted this thread i was hired to create an authority websites with original content. I am writing around 400-500 articles/month along other daily tasks.
I need to deliver around 1000 more articles and then i can start this.
Yes it is about Windows 10 and i plan to post 1-3 articles and then hire a VA to do the commenting part.

Sorry for not following up but writing original articles is a time consuming task.

The Theory:

I am going to start a niche site that may or may not become an authority site after a while. I chose a tech related niche as i am fairly passionate about this topic.

The niche/topic get a HUGE amount of searches/month and people are searching for answers not just general browsing. The niche is getting ready to launch a new product really soon and there is already a huge spike in interest and searches.

Currently my main keyword/product has about 400,000 monthly searches. And it hasn't been released yet.

I am not going to even bother with SEO and backlinks. F#ck That! I might get some backlinks naturally but that wont help in this niche. Competition is HUGE!

The Implementation:
I bought the domain, with hosting and installed Wordpress.(NEW - no WP - i will have Q&A site)

About 15-20 original articles about the topic. Then hundreds of answers!

Traffic: Relevant comments with relevant links on blogs, forums and Q&A sites. CrowdForce and/or BuzzBundle will assist me with this. Later on - PPC and outsourcing the comments.

Adsense, Amazon, Affiliate Products

TimeFrame: - N/A!
As soon as the product is actually launched i will give it 3 months to get to $1000/MO. I pulled this number out of my hat - but i anticipate it will be much much higher!


This is nothing new...in fact - it is an OLD method that actually worked for me on a smaller scale! But back then i did not know about retargeting, pop-ups, list building, buzzbundle and other marketing tricks.

This is it for now...if you have any questions - feel free to ask and/or suggest how i should improve my plan!

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