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320 Searches a Month Eye Opener 300$/Month
Please Read All
Hi Everyone,
I'm not much of a contributor on the forum, but i learned man useful things here so I decided to give You a little eye opener about in manner of keyword research.

I'm working in a small niche sport industry and by trial and error I managed to learn that the big flashy kw-s are not worth shit, they are a big load for the web host but not so much $$ bling bling if You know what i mean.
I believe that the only way to make business is the true way (register everything make some commitments). As I told earlier I will show You only a glimpse of it so You won't be able to find a 1-2-3 step money method (I hate those)

Ok lets start the keyword I'll be showing is 320 exact searches a month
[Image: a7xaZS9.png] this keyword has almost no competition so with only onpage i was able to go on the 2nd spot (1st as a seller). After three months of selling i was able to sell almost on autopilot 10 of those.

[Image: gFHFxEt.png]

What ended in total pure profit of something like 1000 $.

I just want to say that it's one of 600 products on a single page.

Also it's a cheap product in comparison to others in offer.

And the most [Image: angry.gif] important one [Image: angry.gif] don't rely only on the courses You can buy or download on the internet cause You're not able to know what is good and what is wrong. I started making real money when i started reading REAL BOOKS!!
The Books give You the knowledge You need and the courses will give You the "personal twist" that everyone is talking about.
The big gurus don't want You to read books because they won't be able to jam You with S***** products.

And don't think about IM as a blackmagic thing it's pure science, experience and hard work. [Image: smile.gif]

I hope that I'll help at least on of You. Then it will be worth it.
Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm. ~Winston Churchill [Image: cool.gif]

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