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2500€ to start something, anything! Please advice!
Hello GBH family, this is my story and hopefully will turn out to be a journey that I will share with you step by step. Due to a sport accident that took place last November, last week I had to quit my job as a waiter, the post traumatic pain when walking was unbearable (turns out that there is a 95% chance to go to surgery). Anyway, I have a dream and some spare money. The dream is to generate passive income. The budget is 2500 €. The catch? Well I don't know where to start, I have tried different things in the past like kindle publishing and a dropshipping website that I never finished (i blame my 1 year old son [Image: smile.gif] ).

-2500 €, living in Spain, spanish and english speaker
-lots of spare time
-computer skills,website designing skills
-desire of passive income off course after hard working
-any advice, question and help is welcome.

Seeing so many successful threads... I want a piece of the pie god d*** it, is it that hard? What would you do in my case? Were would you start? I WANT TO TAKE ACTION, PLEASE HELP!

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