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$11K/day with Clickbank... bang..bang...
I want to see this
Thanks for this great share!

Thanks for this great share!

Link not working, Please fix it
is this method real? working? let's try!
This looks like a great course
Thanks for this share Smile

Link not working can u update please ?
Link not working can u update please ?
(10-12-2016, 06:07 AM)thewebguy Wrote:
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my 4th year at clickbank.com


You must post to unlock this link
Talk less Do more! Just Action!!
this is REAL VIDEO! I just motivate friend member BBHP, nothing Else!!

if you like my share please give me some +REPS.

Quote:this is a nice fb ad twist for increasing CTR which helps lower your ad spend. i nvr really duplicated my ad sets to see if there would be a way to lower my ad spend HOW COOL IS THAT. I did a test and this works!

and i have to agree fb is a big part to my affiliate sales - nice big ROIs if you know how to research and find laser targeted fans via groups + demographics.

fb ads can be used for pretty much anything - get creative.

i use fb for all my projects: clickbank/jvzoo, teespring, youtube etc i never tried CPA yet..
is it working link ? if not pls reupload
thanks for sharing! Big Grin

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